Agility trials are competitions in which a handler guides a dog around a course containing jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and other obstacles. Dogs are scored according to accuracy and speed and can earn titles from the novice to the championship level.

Shelties excel in agility because of their natural athleticism, working ability, and willingness to please their owners. The breed routinely comprises 20 percent or more of the top 20 dogs in AKC’s annual agility rankings.

To find an agility trial in your area, you can search the AKC’s events database. A local ASSA member club can be a good resource for finding out more about agility. Many ASSA member clubs hold agility trials, and the ASSA National also runs a Sheltie-only trial every year.

The agility pages at the AKC website are a comprehensive source for information on agility. You can also obtain a free copy of the AKC publication, Regulations for Agility Trials, by emailing the AKC.