OFA Registry Summary by Report Year

This is a robust report that shows the trends of normal and abnormal results of various conditions entered in the OFA database from 1974 through the end of the most current complete year. For instance, one can see the numbers of Shelties with hip evaluations (along with the results) over the years.

OFA Eye Registry Information

Sheltie Eye Disease Information Document

Sheltie eye disease information can be found in the latest edition of The Blue Book - Ocular Disorders Presumed to be Inherited in Purebred Dogs produced by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO). Recommendations regarding ocular disorders are listed for each breed and breeding advice is given. The book contains brief descriptions of each condition and references are listed at the end of each breed section.  Breed information is listed in alphabetical order.

OFA Eye Registry Report

The OFA “Ocular Disorders Report for Shetland Sheepdogs” lists the number of Shelties examined by board certified veterinary ophthalmologists each year along with the number of normal and abnormal dogs.  All abnormal findings are listed, and no dog names are included in these reports.  Dogs receiving more than one examination in a given year are not listed more than once.  The report summarizes eye examination findings from 1991 through the most recent full calendar year.  The information for Shelties can be accessed on the left side of the “Blue Book” webpage.

General OFA Reports and Data

OFA Quarterly and Disease Database Reports for any breed within the OFA Database can be found on the OFA website. Quarterly Database Reports: https://www.ofa.org/about/educational-resources/quarterly-reports . Disease Database Reports: https://www.ofa.org/diseases/breed-statistics .