Membership Application

Application for ASSA membership requires completion of the appropriate Application form; agreement to abide by the ASSA Constitution and By-Laws; and understanding of and agreement to abide by the ASSA Guidelines for Ethical Behavior. The following forms and documents may be downloaded for use in applying for membership.

Please send application forms to:

Diane Ambrose
2359 Willowbrook  Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

For more information on the membership types and the application process, please contact Diane at 412-360-9595.

Application for Individual Membership
Application for Foreign Membership
Application for Associate Membership
Application for Transition from Associate to Individual Membership
ASSA Constitution & By-Laws
ASSA Guidelines for Ethical Behavior


Applicant’s name, address, and telephone number will be posted in the Members Only section of the ASSA Website for 60 days and screened initially by the ASSA Membership Chairman. The By‑Laws of the Association require secret affirmative votes from two thirds (2/3) of the Board of Directors present at a meeting of the Board in order to elect an applicant. Applicants will be submitted to the ASSA Board of Directors for consideration at the first, regularly scheduled Board Meeting (Spring or Fall) following expiration of the 60-day Website posting


Annual dues are $35 for Individual, Foreign, and Associate Members. The deadline for paying annual dues is August 31. Dues may be paid by check to the ASSA Treasurer or by PayPal. The “Bulletin Board” member newsletter is available to all members in the Members Only section of the ASSA Website. Mailed hard copies of the “Bulletin Board” are available to members by yearly subscription of $20, payable at time of annual dues collection. For more information, contact ASSA Treasurer Merrylee Malanowski.