Tracking is the competitive offshoot of search and rescue in which a dog follows a scent track to locate an article left at the end of the trail. The tracks vary in length from 440 yards at the basic level to 1,000 yards at more advanced levels. The age of the tracks are also increased at higher titling levels, as are other variables, such as directional changes and cross tracks.

To find a tracking trial in your area, search the AKC’s events database. You can also contact an ASSA member club for more information. Very few, if any, specialty clubs hold tracking trials, but there may be local club members who are involved in the sport.

The AKC has an excellent guide to getting started in tracking. The tracking pages at the AKC website are a comprehensive source for tracking information. You can also obtain a free copy of the AKC publication, Tracking Regulations, by emailing the AKC.